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Extra Virgin Olive oil is the highest grade olive oil and is a 100% natural product. It is the juice obtained from the fruit of the olive tree. In order to obtain a product of the highest quality, all the process of extraction must be accomplished with special care, watching each and every stage and respecting the timings advised by the experience after many years of work and by the know-how inherited from our olive oil culture over generations. From that careful process, which is completely natural, we obtain our extra virgin olive oils.
Flavour & Aroma:

Rich Flavour & Aroma

  • *  Salad Dressing
  • *  Marinating,Grilling
  • *  Bread Toast,Pizza,Pasta Preparation
  • *  Dipping & Drizzling

Available in 500 ml & 1 Ltr

Olive oil is obtained by combining golden and soft virgin olive oils with refined olive oils. Depending on the virgin olive oil used and the quantity taken, we will get flavored olive oils more or less intense.

Flavour & Aroma:
Medium Flavour & Aroma

  • *  Saueting, Roasting, Light frying
  • *  Regular Indian & Western Cooking
  • *  Body & Hair massage
  • *  Baby Massage 

Available in 250 ml,500 ml and 1 Ltr

Pomace Olive oil is obtained by combining combining virgin olive oils with refined pomace olive oils.  Because of its oleic acid content, it is very suitable for fried food with a very high smoking point. When frying foods with olive pomace oil, they become golden and crispy. Olive Pomace Oil is the main cooking grade oil. It is a light oil with neutral taste and flavor and is the most suitable oil for Indian cuisine. 

Flavour & Aroma:
Neutral Flavour & Aroma


  • *  Deep frying
  • *  All type of Indian Cooking

Available in 500 ml, 1 Ltr and  5 Ltr

Battler Tea range was introduced to help consumers discover the rich world of Pure Ceylon Tea. For over ten years we have committed to bring the exceptional goodness of "Ceylon Tea" to your cup.

Our Products are available in loose tea packs, tea bags and gift tins. We invite you to savor the richness of our brews.



Healthy all natural tea from the Western mountain regions has a pungent taste with the unique flavor

only found in Sri Lanka Green Tea.


Battler Ceylon black tea is a unique blend of tea selected from tea gardens in the western mountain

regions of Sri Lanka known for its flavour and bright orange liquor to be enjoyed with / without milk.


Fresh Green Tea combines with the sunny splash of Lemon to give a sharp exhilarating taste.


Strawberry with its strong taste combined with the delicately scented natural taste of green tea is an

experience to the Taste Buds.

For more information kindly visit www.battlertea.com above under battler teas

A selection of carefully crafted, finely balanced pure Ceylon artisan tea blends, flavored mixes and herbal tisanes sorted with great care, processed with total dedication. Tealia provides customers with the highest quality and reliability to experience the refined taste of natural Ceylon tea and savor the exciting and exhilarating sense of unique blend mixes of the flavored and herbal infusions. The range of different tastes can be relished any time of the day as a "pep me up" or after a meal to add a little sweetness to the palate.

  • Pure Single Origin Ceylon Tea Packed at Source
  • Environment friendly/Bio Degradable Pyramid tea bags with longer string
  • Unique varieties & International brand with presence in Europe/Asia/Middle East/CIS/North America

For more information kindly visit www.tealiateas.com above under battler teas


Our products are available across leading Supermarket & Hypermarket stores across all India.
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